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To save you the trouble of Googling my background, I've consolidated all that information into this simple website.

I am part of GIC's private equity team which invests in both technology funds and companies globally. GIC is Singapore's sovereign wealth fund with assets under management (AUM) of >$100bn.

I studied Economics in Cambridge University, UK and Economics in Yale University. My primary interests were in empirical work, econometrics and industrial organisation and regulation (for instance in the bus industry). Prior to GIC, I was a Senior Economist in Singapore's Ministry of Trade and Industry and Head of Strategy in the Ministry of Finance.

Married to a wonderful woman whom I've known since I was 14.

I am a keyboardist with more passion than talent, but have managed to finagle my way into local Singaporean bands to play at various Singaporean venues including the Esplanade, Artistry, Blujaz, Timbre, and others.

Other pockets of spare time find me running, gaming (sadly less frequently these days) and doing the odd recreational coding. I am currently exploring neural network frameworks such as Caffe, Theano and Tensorflow.

Getting in touch

You can check out my LinkedIn profile and my Twitter which is currently pretty weakly maintained.

Best way to get in touch with me is via someone who knows me.

Hosted on AWS S3. I've set up Cloudfront too which is probably overkill...