Looking for Dominic Soon?

All info here, because life is too short to spend on Google.

What you need to know

Day Job

Part of GIC's Private Equity team. My main interest is in technology, but I have worked on deals across a range of industries and structures. GIC is one of the world's largest private equity investors.

I previously analysed fiscal policy for the Singapore government and was a public sector economist.

Night Life

In my spare time, I enjoy meeting entrepreneurs of all backgrounds.

I like talking about the intersection of economics, public policy and business.

I am a great fan of jazz, R&B and soul music.


I prefer direct conversations of substance. I like an element of debate.

I'm married. My wife Xin Wei does some interesting things at work.

Reading & Writing

I hope to put up my regular reading list soon.

I occasionally write on Medium and Twitter



  • GIC Private Equity, Singapore / San Francisco
  • Public Sector, Singapore

    Head of Strategy Planning, Ministry of Finance

    Senior Economist, Ministry of Trade & Industry

  • The World Bank, Washington, DC


  • Yale University, US

    M.A. International and Development Economics

  • Cambridge University, UK

    B.A. Economics

  • CFA Charterholder


  • Music

    I find time to keep music in my life by occasionally playing at live venues.

  • Computers

    I grew up writing in Assembly, Pascal, C++ and made friends on BBSes and IRC. I still tinker a little.